Our System, Products & Materials

GRP Roofing UK offers a full range of flat roofing systems to suit almost any application from small domestic refurbishment projects to large scale commercial roofs.

Fibreglass roofing is most commonly used for domestic flat roofs including: extensions, garages, dormer roofs, parapet walls and conservatories/orangery’s, traditional or modern applications and tricky detail of any shape or sizes.

Our roofs are quick, safe and easy to install as a cold or warm roof (with or without insulation) and with a choice of over 100 different colours and options you can specify the look you want.

Flat roofing materials are frequently used for projects particularly those with complex and tricky technical detail.
Many of our glass fibre roofing applications include partial or complete replacement, and our roofing materials can be used to simulate rolled rib joints.

The roof can be top coated with a lead grey or copper green finish to give a result that gives the appearance of lead or copper without the toxic water run-off, high theft risk and without the premium for extended skilled labour time and escalating cost for the materials.

For applications subject to heavy foot traffic such as walkways or balconies our HD system (Heavy Duty) is recommended.

The HD laminate is available in one of our premium colours and has a non-slip coat.

The finish is an aggregate coating of small slate particles which will provide extra grip over our standard smooth finish and is ideal for balconies that also function as flat roofs.

The finish is a non-slip surface which can be fenced off and marked as a pathway or standing area. Balustrades or post supports can also be easily incorporated into the laminate of the existing flat roof area and can be transformed into a terrace or roof garden.

HD can also be used with decking or promenade tiles applied over the top. And any applications which require critical water retention such as ponds and pools are the perfect choice and the system will remain watertight and looking great for years to come.

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