F A Qs

How long will it take?

The average garage is about twenty square meters and should take one to two days to install larger projects will take longer.

Do you need dry weather?

Yes we need dry weather because we need to strip the roof of all boards and felt because not only is it a new fibreglass system this is also a full board replacement service and these boards cannot get wet as the resin will not adhere to wet boards. 

How much will it cost?

A GRP roof will cost more than a felted flat roof but not as much as you think. What you need to take into account is whether the difference in price is worth the peace of mind and a 20 year guarantee (which is double that of the traditional felt roof).

How long will it last?

Taking into account it is very hard wearing and that the first boat that a was made with a fibreglass hull was over 45 years ago and is still going strong today a 20 year guarantee seems to be very conservative.

Is a GRP ROOF is it right for me?

As a homeowner deciding what type of roof to invest in can be confusing, whether it be fibreglass or felt, you need to ask yourself some simple questions to determine whether a fibre glass roof is for you:
Do you want a roof you can stand on, rest a ladder on to clean the windows, and wont shrink in the winter or expand in the summer if the answer is YES.

Then GRP Roofing UK is for.

GRP Roofing is becoming more and more popular because GRP roofs have many more advantages than felting, it won’t blister or expand and is fire resistant and does not help the spread of fire unlike felt, it is fully waterproof because it is a one piece system with no seams and guaranteed not to leek for a minimum of 20 years (unless damaged then it is easily repaired) it is also covered in a non slip paint, and is maintenance free.

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